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We currently offer hosting plans from 10MB to 500MB.
Get a 5% discount when you choose a 6 month billing cycle.
Get a 10% discount when you choose to pay yearly.
All accounts come with their own Control Panel and all the features listed below.
Additional Bandwidth is available at 150 Baht / GB.
As your site grows you can easily upgrade your account in the Members section.

• Unlimited Sub-Domains
• Unlimited Parked Domains
• Unlimited Add-on Domains (domains parked at sub-domains) *
• Unlimited POP3 Mail Accounts/Aliases/Forwarders for all domains
• Your own mail server - i.e. mail.yourdomain.com
• Unlimited FTP accounts
• FREE Shared SSL
• Webmail facility to check mail from anywhere
• Preinstalled CGI scripts
• Server Side Includes (SSI)
• Custom Error Pages
• Web Directory protection using .htaccess
• Web Statistics Analyzer/Access to Raw log files
• Microsoft FrontPage Extensions
• Unlimited MySQL databases.
• PHP 4.3.1
• Perl Version 5.x
• Dual XEON Enterprise Level Servers with SCSI Drives


* The Add-on Domains feature allows you to host as many domains as you like making our plans the perfect choice for webmasters, web designers or anyone interested in hosting more than one domain. Please note that Sub-Domains are not available for Add-on Domains and all Add-on Domains share one Control Panel. If you need to host multiple domains each with their own Control Panel and/or Sub-Domains you will need to set up multiple hosting plans. You can manage your hosting plans in the Members section of this web-site.

Check out the demo of our customer Control Panel HERE.
Every account will receive this control panel to enable you to manage your sites.


Hosting Plan Disc Space Bandwidth Price
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Mini 10 MB 1 GB Bt 100 x 3 Bt 95 x 6 Bt 90 x 12
Basic 20 MB 2 GB Bt 200 x 3 Bt 190 x 6 Bt 180 x 12
Standard 50 MB 3 GB Bt 400 x 3 Bt 380 x 6 Bt 360 x 12
Advanced 100 MB 5 GB Bt 600 x 3 Bt 570 x 6 Bt 540 x 12
Premium 200 MB 10 GB Bt 1000 x 3 Bt 950 x 6 Bt 900 x 12
Webmaster 500 MB 20 GB Bt 2000 x 3 Bt 1900 x 6 Bt 1800 x 12

There are no setup charges for any of our hosting plans.

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