5 Different Types of Physical Flash Drive Damage

Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons and the way that you correct the problem will depend on several factors. The two basic reasons for data loss are physical drive failure and logical drive failure. Physical failures will require the services of a data recovery lab in order to recover your files. In a physical failure, the electronic, electrical or mechanical components of the drive have failed and the drive is rendered inoperable. Here are some of the causes of physical failure:

  1. Electrical power surges damage the electrical and electronic components. While you are using your flash drive in an electronic it may be physically damaged if you experience an electrical shock. The power overflow may burn its outer cover which is usually made of plastic.
  2. Floods and other water damage events also destroy the electronics. If your flash drive gets in contact with water it stops working. water can destroy the data storage surfaces of the flash drive since they are open.
  3. Physical abuse of the computer damages the delicate read/write heads and media platter surfaces. Laptops can suffer damage from prolonged exposure to extreme heat, such as laying by the windshield in direct sunlight. This can make your flash drive to fade the outside cover or lose its initial shape. In addition to this, it cannot even fail to be inserted into the ports of your electronic component once it loses it shape.
  4. Normal wear and tear of the read/write heads can eventually damage the data storing surfaces. By storing your flash drive wrongly it may damage its surfaces, therefore, you will not be able to store any data.
  5. Another type of physical damage of the flash drive may occur when the joints in your flash get disconnected. In this case, the flash may still be working but some of the outside components which protect it are no inline with each other. This may happen when you store your flash drive in a place where it gets a lot of pressure thus making its joints to be loose.

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